MetalHaftgrund 550 is a quick drying anticorrosive solvent based primer of high quality suitable for ferrous surfaces. It offers protection against corrosion, has very high hiding power, strong adhesion and high elasticity. It is ideal for the priming of any kind of metallic surfaces such as machineries, railings, ironworks etc. Type: Alkyd based quick drying anticorrosive primer. Lead and chromates free. Application method: Spray gun, brush, roller. Thinning: For brush and roller 5-10% v/v with Pinsel Sol TB and for spray gun 10-15% v/v with Spritz Sol XT or Pinsel Sol TB. Spreading rates: About 10-12m²/lit for each coat on previously prepared surfaces. Drying times: Touch dry after 30 minutes and recoatable after 8 hours. Drying time depends on weather conditions (humidity, temperature) Colours: It is available in red, grey, black and white.

Limit value for this product (cat. A/I 600gr/lt (2007) and 500gr/lt (2010). This product contains max 499gr/lt VOC.
Store between 5ºC to 40ºC.
Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from grease and dirt and thoroughly rubbed down using a suitable abrasive paper. After the preparation of the surface apply two coats of MetalHaftgrund 550. Suggested application temperature from 10 ºC up to 35 ºC. Clean brushes, rollers and equipment with Spritz Sol XT or Pinsel Sol TB immediately after use.